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We have hand selected the best parents to ensure a great choice of kittens! Every litter is born with love & care while they grow up with their mama & papa until they are of age to graduate to their new families.

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  • Our babies are breast fed for 2 months before we release & rehome them.
  • They are potty trained, cleared by the Vet, given their first round of vaccinations, fully dewormed & given revolution.
What Are The Differences Between Scottish Folds & Scottish Straights?
The difference between the two is that: Folds have folded ears, which gives the cat an “owl like” appearance & the Straight have straight ears. These characteristics are able to be determined at 3 weeks of age.
Why are Scottish cats a good breed if you are looking to welcome a new kitten into your family or home?
Scottish cats have a charming yet unique appearance & character due to their ears, rounded eyes & round head. These cats are one of a kind which makes them top 10 most expensive cats to purchase. They are easygoing, have a good temperament, social & adapt well in a multi-pet household. These pets are known for being super affectionate, they love sleeping on their backs, sitting or laying in funny positions & cuddling which make for an extraordinary emotional support animal. They thrive on human interaction.
Are Folded cats healthy cats?
Yes, they are healthy if bred correctly due to the Folded gene being recessive, a Folded cat can ONLY mate with a Straight cat which is a dominant gene. Two folds should never mate to avoid health risks.


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